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On this page you can find a selection of articles, blog posts and other media about various aspects of the Uses and Abuses of Biology Programme. The list is continually updated so please check back for more.

Evolution and Creationism

Once Were Scientists and Surveying Scientists on Religion on The Spirit of Things radio show, hosted by Rachael Kohn for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Available to download or to stream (both parts approx. 60 minutes)

Part 1: Once Were Scientists, October 19th 2014 (feat. Alister McGrath and Nidhal Guessoum)

Part 2: Surveying Scientists on Religion, October 26th 2014 (feat. Amy Unsworth and Elaine Howard Ecklund)

New survey finds that Creationism in Britain has been overstated by John Farrell

Forbes, January 2015

Open Nature by Maria-Paz Lopez

La Vanguardia (Spanish), December 2014

Is Belief in Evolution Endangered? by Douglas Todd

Vancouver Sun, October 2014

Creating Creationists: Cutting Out the Middle in the Science-Religion Dialogue by David Briggs

Huffington Post, October 2014

How biology is evolving to encompass its critics by Mark Vernon

Church Times (£), October 2014

Muslim Resistance to Darwin (Weerstand moslims tegen Darwin) by Rene Fransen

Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch, £), September 2014

Few Outspoken Creationists in England (Weinig uitgesproken creationisten in Engeland) by Rene Fransen

Geloof & Wetenschap (Dutch), September 2014



Understanding Neuroscience on Science for the People radio show, hosted by Rachelle Saunders. Available to stream (approx. 60 minutes).

Understanding Neuroscience (feat. Cliodhna O'Connor and Duncan Astle)



Abusing Darwin and Biology by Douglas Todd

Vancouver Sun, November 2014