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Grants programme and essay competition


Prof Gabriel Abend - New York University, USA
The Neuroscience of Morality, Love and Religion: An International Comparison
Prof Richard Bellon - Michigan State University, USA
The Virtues of Biological Research: Moral Behavior at the Intersection of Science and Religion, 1830-2014
Dr Berry Billingsley - University of Reading, UK
The Nature-Nurture narrative and other explanatory models of human behaviour in the Humanities curriculum for secondary schools in England
Report on 'Robots, God and Free Will' schools event (September 2014) [PDF]
Prof Ros Edwards - University of Southampton, UK
Co-Investigator: Dr Val Gillies
Brain science and early intervention: tracing the new biologisation of parenting and child care
Project website:

Prof John Evans - University of California at San Diego, USA
An Empirical Study of the Biological Definition of the Human
Prof Joan Fujimura - University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Co-Investigator: Jordan Colosi
Social Psychological Aspects of Societal Resistance to Evolution: An Experimental Investigation
Prof Peter Harrison - University of Queensland, Australia
Co-Investigator: Dr Thomas Aechtner
Evolution, Atheism and Mass Persuasion: The Uses and Abuses of Biology in New Atheist Propaganda
Prof Sheila Jasanoff - Harvard University, USA
Biology and the Law
Dr Timothy Jenkins - University of Cambridge, UK
Co-Investigator: Dr Harris Wiseman
Virtue Engineering, Moral Freedom and Christian Salvation
Dr Helene Joffe - University College London, UK
Co-Investigator: Dr Cliodhna O'Connor
The brain in the public sphere: Uses of neuroscience in the media and the consequences for lay thinking
Prof Alexei Kojevnikov - University of British Columbia, Canada
Co-Investigator: Prof Kirill Rossiianov
Changing biosocial boundaries in history of science: Cross-cultural encounters and their impact
Dr Ellie Lee - University of Kent, UK
Co-Investigator: Dr Jan Macvarish
Biologising parenting: Neuroscience discourse and English social and public health policy
'Biologising Parenting' Key Findings report (March 2014) [PDF]
Project website:

Prof Daniel McKaughan - Boston College, USA
Voles, Vasopressin and Infidelity: A Molecular Basis for Monogamy, a Platform for Ethics, and More?
Prof Gregory Radick - University of Leeds, UK
Co-Investigator: Dr Annie Jamieson
Does the teaching of Mendelian concepts promote genetic determinism? The differential effects of Mendelian and non-Mendelian pedagogies
Project website:

Prof Antonio Rangel - Caltech, USA
Uses and abuses of neurobiology in economics analysis and policy

Prof Russell Re Manning - University of Aberdeen, UK
Co-Investigator: Dr Guy Bennett-Hunter
Emergence: From Biology to Theology
Project website:

Prof William Struthers - Wheaton College, USA
The Persuasive Power of Brain Scans: How the use of brain images influences decision making
Dr Amy Unsworth - The Faraday Institute, UK
Surveying the impact of 'New Atheist' discourse on the reception of evolution by British religious communities