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Day Course in Hull: Questions of Science and Faith

February 27, 2016

Exhibition Space, Brynmor Jones Library, Hull University

Do Science and Faith contradict each other? Are they completely separate spheres of activity with little or no common ground? Or is it possible to find more constructive ways in which they interact with each other? This one day meeting in Hull will explore some of these issues and provide an accessible introduction to this fascinating topic that touches on some of the deepest issues of our time including questions about human identity and value and how we comprehend the world around us.

9.30-10.00 Arrival
10.00-10.10 Welcome - Lizzie Coyle (The Faraday Institute) and Martin Buzza (Hull University)
10.10-11.00 Science and Religion: How do we know what we know? - Chris Oldfield (King's College, London)
11.00-11.50 Fossils, evolution and the Bible - Lizzie Coyle (The Faraday Institute)
11.50-1.00 Lunch
1.00-1.40 Hasn't Science disproved God? - Martin Buzza (Hull University)
1.40-2.20 Whose Earth? Faith and the conservation of global biodiversity - Darren Evans (Newcastle University)
2.20-2.40 Break
2.40-3.20 Panel discussion - chaired by John Greenman (Hull)
3.20-3.30 Closing remarks - Lizzie Coyle and Martin Buzza

The meeting is open to anyone interested in the relationship between science and faith and does not assume any prior religious commitment or scientific knowledge. 

Free admission, no tickets/registration.  Bring your own packed lunch - cafe on site.

Any questions, contact Martin Buzza on