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Research seminars

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion Research Seminars are held at 1.00 p.m. on alternate Tuesdays in the Garden Room, Library Building, St. Edmundís College. A free light buffet lunch and drinks are served from 12.30 p.m. onwards. All are welcome.

The Garden Room is on the ground floor of the Library Building which is located in the far left-hand corner as you enter the College grounds. The free buffet lunch is served there.

Easter term

Science, God and Ockhamís Razor: Can Science Explain God Away?

Dr David Glass

Tuesday May 17, 2016

Garden Room, Library Building
St Edmund's College
Mount Pleasant


While the ‘conflict thesis’ of the historical relationship between science and religion may be dead, at a popular level the idea that science undermines belief in God is still very much alive. The suggestion is that as science explains more and more about the world there is less and less need for God. To put it another way, science has explained God away, or at least is in the process of doing so. Sometimes this is expressed in terms of Ockham’s razor, according to which ‘it is futile to do with more things that which can be done with fewer’. Applied to science and God, the claim is that there is no need for science and God if science can explain the world around us on its own. There is no need for two explanations when one will do.

This type of reasoning occurs in many contexts and so the seminar will explore how Ockham’s razor works in general before evaluating its application to science and God. This will be achieved through the use of questions that help to determine whether Ockham’s razor can be applied in a given context. This approach helps make sense of why the perceived conflict between science and religion persists, but also highlights why appeals to science to undermine belief in God are very unlikely to succeed.

Is it Appropriate to endorse Methodological Naturalism from a Christian Epistemic Base?

Prof. Alan Torrance

Wednesday June 1, 2016

Divinity Faculty
West Road


Note this seminar will be held on a Wednesday at 2.30pm in the Runcie Room.

Held in conjunction with the Divinity Faculty.  

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