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Faraday lectures and other events

The termly public lecture in Cambridge is given on some aspect of science and religion by an internationally recognised speaker. Whilst academically rigorous, the lectures are accessible to a multidisciplinary audience. They take place in a variety of venues in Cambridge. The lectures are free of charge and there is no need to book. They are followed by a free drinks reception and an opportunity to talk informally with the speaker.

Video recordings of the lectures are made and the entire archive is available for free download from the Multimedia page on the Faraday Institute website, as are transcriptions of discussions with the speaker and an invited set of guests in the evening following each lecture.

In addition to the termly lecture series The Faraday Institute organises regular lunchtime seminars in Cambridge, one-day, weekend and week-long courses in Britain and abroad, and lectures or panel discussions at Science Festivals and other similar events.

Lecture archive

Science and Christianity: Conflict or Cooperation?

Prof. Roger Trigg

5.30 pm Thursday March 2, 2017

Garden Room, Library Building
St Edmund's College
Mount Pleasant

Can science explain everything, including the fact of religious belief itself? Can it go so far as to disprove the existence of God? One response is to say that science and Christianity just deal with different questions and are complementary. Yet if this is God's world, a scientific search for truth about it must be of religious significance. Might it even be that Christian belief can underpin that search for truth by validating its assumption of an orderly and comprehensible reality?.