Prof. Jeff Schloss

Jeffrey P. Schloss is Distinguished Professor of Biology and T. B. Walker Chair of Natural & Behavioral Sciences at Westmont College, where he directs the Center for Faith, Ethics and the Life Sciences. After undergraduate studies in biology and philosophy, Professor Schloss received his graduate training in ecology & evolutionary biology at University of Michigan and Washington University, where he earned his Ph.D. He has taught at University of Michigan and Wheaton College, and has been a Danforth Fellow, an American Scientific Affiliation Fellow, a Crosson Fellow at Notre Dame, a Plummer Fellow at St. Anne’s College Oxford, and a Senior Fellow of the Emory University Center for Law & Religion.

His twofold scholarly interests involve the ecophysiology of hydroregulation in poikilohydric organisms, and the philosophical and theological implications of evolutionary theory, particularly Darwinian understandings of human nature. Recent projects focus on evolutionary accounts of altruism, morality, and religion; his present work investigates the role of oxytocin in mediating religious experience and signals of commitment. He is s a charter member if the International Society of Science & Religion, and serves on the editorial and advisory boards of numerous organizations fostering dialogue between science and religion, including Theology and Science, Science and Christian Belief, Religion Brain and Behavior, BioLogos Foundation, Templeton Foundation.


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